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About Us

The philosophy behind $Bdrunk is deeply rooted in the belief that "we always have a reason to celebrate, no matter the state of the market." This attitude is conveyed not only through its slogan, "Bullish Market? Get $Bdrunk. Bearish Market? Get $Bdrunk," but also in the lifestyle that $Bdrunk promotes.

$Bdrunk 101base

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Use as tips

Users can directly tip their favorite taverns and alcohol brands with $Bdrunk, which not only enhances $Bdrunk's real-world application scenarios but also promotes the acceptance and application of cryptocurrency in traditional industries.

$Bdrunk is Reputation

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Bar/pub and alcohol brands can increase their reputation within the community by accumulating $Bdrunk. This accumulated reputation can translate into community support, thereby aiding in their further development and expansion.

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No rug, No rats

$Bdrunk is committed to ensuring the security and trust of its early adopters through the adoption of the EVM fair launch method. The smart contract at the core of $Bdrunk incorporates a guaranteed refund mechanism, meticulously crafted to function exactly as promised.

Join $Bdrunk Community

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We all like to drink, but $Bdrunk is more than just a speculative meme coin - it is an invaluable asset that connects like-minded people around the world. The goal of the $Bdrunk community is to create a social icon that brings people together, not just a pure speculative investment.


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Total supply:  1 Trillion

50% Presale

15% LP

15% CEX & MM

10% Partner & Advertisement

10% Key Contributors

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Total supply:  500 Billion

50% Development & Marketing

50% Liquidity pool

More questions?

How to bridge to BASE?arrow

  • Download & install the Metamask Wallet either from the app store on your phone or the browser extension for desktop.
  • Head over to, connect your wallet on the Ethereum blockchain. Choose how much ETH you would like to bridge from the erc20 network to Base. Remember to leave enough for gas fees.
  • Click the Presale button on our website, then follow the steps to complete the purchase.
  • Now all you have to do is add the $Bdrunk contract address to your Metamask Wallet for your $Bdrunk tokens to show. Welcome aboard!

Why join $Bdrunk community?arrow

We like to drink, but drinking responsibly, $Bdrunk is the asset which allows us to support each other and find like-minded people, to connect and foster relationships online & offline.

What's the future utility of $Bdrunk?arrow

$Bdrunk is the token of the upcoming tipping and reputation system, which allows $Bdrunk hodlers to tip their favourite pubs/bars/restaurants. The amount of tipping will be considered as the reputation of corresponding venues.